Central European Forum on Law and Administration

Central European Forum on Law and Administration
About Us
The idea for the Central European Forum on Law and Administration was born during the International Conference Tendencies in contemporary public administration: bodies, public tasks and legal forms of their performance held on 13 and 14 October 2015 in Częstochowa. The impressive number of participants from Central Europe gave us impetus to develop the idea of annual meetings and discussions on legal issues and problems common to scholars from Central Europe.

Such meetings provide a great opportunity to exchange views, formulate postulates, and compare legal solutions to the problems present in Central European countries. The meetings are also a certain kind of platform for establishing contacts and cooperation with scholars from other countries, which might result in joint research projects in the future.

Our aim is to organize annual conferences in Częstochowa and Opole in turns. The 2017 Forum conference will take place in Opole.

We cordially invite everyone to participate in our enterprise.

We are hoping to establish a place for exchanging opinions and making new contacts, which would be a basis for fruitful cooperation between scholars from our part of the continent.

Conference fee

  1. The Conference fee is 120 euro. It covers: presentation of paper, formal supper (Day 1), coffee breaks (Day 1 and 2), dinner (Day 2), conference materials, and publication in the ranked monograph.
  2. Publication of a paper without participation in the Conference costs 60 euro.
  3. Participation in the Conference without publication costs 60 euro. It covers: formal supper (Day 1), coffee breaks (Day 1 and 2), dinner (Day 2), and conference materials.
  4. The conference fee does not cover accommodation.
  5. Applications must be submitted by 28 September 2018 via the aforementioned application form.
  6. In connection with the incoming applications, the registration deadline has been extended until  5 October 2018.
  7. The fee should be transferred by 6 October 2018 to:

Akademia im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie, ul. Waszyngtona 4/8
Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA: 23 1750 1035 0000 0000 1301 1378
with the title Konferencja. Forum 

IBAN: PL23 1750 1035 0000 0000 1301 1378