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Central European Forum on Law and Administration
About Us
The idea for the Central European Forum on Law and Administration was born during the International Conference Tendencies in contemporary public administration: bodies, public tasks and legal forms of their performance held on 13 and 14 October 2015 in Częstochowa. The impressive number of participants from Central Europe gave us impetus to develop the idea of annual meetings and discussions on legal issues and problems common to scholars from Central Europe.

Such meetings provide a great opportunity to exchange views, formulate postulates, and compare legal solutions to the problems present in Central European countries. The meetings are also a certain kind of platform for establishing contacts and cooperation with scholars from other countries, which might result in joint research projects in the future.

Our aim is to organize annual conferences in Częstochowa and Opole in turns. The 2017 Forum conference will take place in Opole.

We cordially invite everyone to participate in our enterprise.

We are hoping to establish a place for exchanging opinions and making new contacts, which would be a basis for fruitful cooperation between scholars from our part of the continent.


Dear Colleagues

We are delighted to inform about the International Scientific Conference titled Judicial Protection of Individual Rights in Central European Countries − Current Experience and Trends that will be held 10-11 October 2017 in Opole, Poland. The Conference is organized as part of Central European Forum on Law and Administration by academics from the Chair of Theory and Philosophy of Law, University of Opole, and the Institute of Law, Administration and Management, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa.

The Conference topic has been inspired by the changes the legal systems of Poland and other Central European countries have been undergoing as well as the growing people’s awareness as regards the protection of their rights and liberties. It stems from the fact that the fundamental system of the protection of individual rights in a state ruled by law is the national judiciary. Everyone can claim protection of their rights and compensation for damage or harm before courts.

Having considered the wide range of issues dealt with by law and philosophy of law scholars, the Organizational Committee have selected three main research problems to be discussed during the Conference also proposes topics for participants in the Conference.

The conference topics:

          1. constitutional:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Poland as a guarantor of the protection of the fundamental rights of the individual (past experiences and directions of change);
  • The shape of the constitutional principles of the right to the court and their influence / influence on the common law, administrative and European law,
  • The fundamental rights of the individual stemming from the Constitution and their judicial protection,
  • The right to the court and the constitutional system in the constitutional regulations, the prospect of change directions,
  • Right petition.

           2. civil law and criminal law:

  • The principles of effective judicial protection,
  • Judicial (and out-of-court) copyright protection,
  • Issues related to the conduct of open proceedings and the right to privacy in criminal proceedings,
  • The right to an out-of-office defender, the role and importance of legal professions in protecting the rights of individuals,
  • Counteracting improper practices in the judiciary,
  • Judicial protection of consumer and competition (protection of individual and group interests of consumers,
  • Types of proceedings on the protection of competition law),
  • Proposals for the change of the universal judiciary.

            3. administrative:

  • Protection of individuals’ rights (including territorial self-government units in administrative proceedings);
  • Judicial protection of the autonomy of territorial self-government units,
  • Protection against the inactivity of administrative,
  • Role and importance of public institutions, ombudsmen and public administration bodies in the protection of individual rights,
  • The right to participate in public bodies and organizations in administrative proceedings,
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions,
  • Specialized control of administrative courts in competition and consumer protection proceedings (past experience and proposals for changes),
  • The essence of judicial protection of the administration.

          4. european / international:

  • Protection of individual rights in the European Union,
  • human rights,
  • Procedural autonomy of the Member States,
  • Judicial protection of EU powers,
  • The principle of full judicial review in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.


  • Participation in the Conference should be sent by 25 September 2017 via an online form that is available on the Conference website. Registration after this date is possible, but with the prior consent of the organizers.
  • Payment must be made by 30 September 2017.